Saturday, January 17, 2015

Midnite Madness

I woke at 2 AM earlier today with a panicky feeling about what I may have been missing in Internet explorer and/or Firefox.  Spent that past two days recovering and installing a Vista 32 program on my vintageToshiba Satellite A215 laptop.  My son said the laptop was ‘dead’.  I found an excellent and cheap aftermarket multi-purpose power brick and adapters to fit almost any portable device ($ 9.00 on Amazon  Also went online to Toshiba to order a ‘recovery disk  ($29.95)  Fired it up...all went well.  Runs pretty fast, although it became very hot and shut down. Investigation revealed the cooling fan was not spinning. The problem was dirt in the heat dissipation sink  and stuck fan bearing fr om dried out lubricant.  I was happy to not have to tear the laptop down to replace the fan needlessly.

Back to my anxiety of last night.  For the first time in many years I used a non Chrome browser. I tried Internet Explorer (ver 7.0) first, then Firefox.  ehh !?  Neither of them ran well.  Much of the problem I believe is that the newer programs and add ons are not very backward compatible with Vista 32. and a great many add ons, plug ins would not run or appear at all. Back to Chrome….

browser wars.jpg windows vista experience.jpg

Other than the lag in the cloud at times, the “snap” crashes  it serves my purposes well.  For those of you who have sworn off IE or Firefox I agree.  My  assessment is definitely biased because I am using such an older version of Windows.  I noted that the boot times for Vista seemed to be much quicker on this old laptop with the clean install.

windows vista.jpg

Next step is to replace the HDD with an SSD. After using my chrome book now for several years, the Toshiba feels very very heavy...portable is all relative.

Chrome however will not run several web conferencing tools, nor

When I tire of this activity I will buy a new iMAC 5 K.  

I can now sleep better knowing what the ‘new Windows and Firefox look like.  Vista 32 would not allow me to upgrade  IE past ver 7.0 . either.  It is 6 AM, and time to start the day….I am going back to sleep. The sun is rising in the east, and the owls are hooting.

Our backyard alarm clock

Riverside CA looking North 7A.M.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

EHR adoption rises Meaningful Use Declines

Continued growth of physician office EHR use
Whatever the reasons behind these responses from SERMO members, physician office EHR adoption is on the rise. An ongoing study by SK&A indicates a ten-percent increase in physician office adoption of EHR technology between 2013 and 2014. What’s more, it provides a breakdown of the top-five EHR vendors nationally and regionally.
At the national level, Epic Systems controls 30 percent of the market followed by eClinicialWorks (22%), Allscripts (19%), Practice Fusion (16%), and NextGen Healthcare (13%).
The regional differences are quite small
A closer look by region shows a close competition between Epic Systems and eClinicalWorks for EHR selection by physician offices.
The former dominates the West, Midwest, and East regions of the United States. The latter holds sway in the South and New England regions. Here’s a region-by-region breakdown:
Interestingly, where neither is first both companies drop to the third or fourth spots. Considering that both companies specialize in working with health systems and hospitals, their domination of various markets may indicate the ownership of physician practices and use of that health system’s or hospital’s EHR technology.

Despite the increased implementation and use of EHR technology by physician offices, their physicians have a ways to go in order to keep pace with the evolution of the EHR Incentive Programs.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Spectrum Health shuts down, reabsorbs digital health startup Ideomed

mHealth developers face several challenges for users and developers.

Interest in these applications is weak. Statistics reveal that 60% of the population have downloaded at least one mobile health application.  How long and how often they access the program is another story.

Whle the consumer market is potentially infinite, in real life things are quite different. Most of these apps are available free of charge or for a small fee. A few have monthly or annual  fees.

The Chrome store and iTunes (iOS) provide easy access to purchasing mHealth applications for desktops and also tablets.

Business sustainability is an issue in terms of acquisition and/or usage. Developers face ongoing expense in software applicaions with upgrades, new versions and staying current with preferred practice patterns for monitoring metrics such as weight, BMI, blood pressure,pulse rate and for monitoring blood chemistries as the technology advances.

Wearable devices are becoming more commonplace  and recent sensory and biochemical markets can be measured with these devices using non invasive skin sensors. The future for wearable sensors may also be combined with embeddable chips accessed by RFID devices, much like personal ID used for animals and  people. Technology also exists that precludes wearing an external device constantly Acquisition is possible just by walking near an RFID antenna embedded in the wall of a home or office. The potential uses are enormous, not just for measuring metrics, and also reminders for appointments, prescripton renewals.

The promises of nano-technology have already contributed to the development of drug delivery systems capable of going where 'no drug  has gone before'.

Spectrum Health faced these challenges of sustainability with their subsidiary Ideomed, a mobile health application. Their decision was to discontinue their mobile health applications associated with their health plan.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Emergency Regulations proposed for Covered California Is It ? Jones Releases Emergency Rule Over Narrow Provider Networks

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands who accepted the incompetent design of 'The Affordable Care Act ?  You are not alone.

It has taken more than one year of operation for state health officials to recognize this current disaster. 

The affordable care act has delivered an empty promise, deception, and a boiler plate plan that gives  you a health insurance card...Good luck after that.

Sick patients require help and assistance. Those who are well and especially those who have an acute or chronic illness have many challenges in life, should not and cannot negotiate the web sites, and even when they do, much of it is incomprehensible.  

Haste in signing up due to arbitrary guidelines and enrollment dates add additional challenges for those still uninsured, and those who have discovered just how terrible their new plans are presents challenges for most.

Help may be on the way now that State Commissioner for Health Insurance, Dave Jones is responding to complaints from California Consumers.  Jones is the head of the California Managed Care programs.

California State Health Commissioner, Dave Jones

a service of the California HealthCare Foundation

On Monday, the California Department of Insurance issued an emergency regulation that aims to address narrow provider networks in the state and improve residents' access to care, Capital Public Radio's "KXJZ News" reports. 

According to the state Department of Managed Health Care, several insurers, including Anthem, have violated state law by misleading consumers about the size of their provider networks  State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones (D) said DOI has "received complaints from consumers across the state about long waiting times, about inaccurate directories of providers, about being charged out-of-network costs when there isn't an in-network provider. The list goes on and on and on" 

Details of Emergency Regulation

The emergency regulation requires insurers to:

  • Adhere to new standards for appointment wait times (DOI release, 1/5);
  • Offer an adequate number of physicians, clinics and hospitals to patients who live in certain areas;
  • Provide an accurate list of in-network providers ("KXJZ News," Capital Public Radio, 1/5);
  • Provide out-of-network care options for the same price as in-network care when the number of in-network providers is insufficient; and
  • Report to DOI information about their networks and any changes.
The emergency regulation will go into effect after it has been reviewed by the Office of Administrative Law. According to a release, emergency regulations often go into effect more quickly than standard regulations (DOI release, 1/5).

According to Jones, he can bar insurers that do not comply with the regulation from selling insurance in the state next year 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Health Apps Score 66.5 on Average in Consumer Reviews Report

Health Apps Score 66.5 on Average in Consumer Reviews Report

iHealthbeat entered 2014 with a wrap up of mobile health apps avalable to consumers.

Consumers on average gave health, fitness and medical mobile applications an average score of 66.5 out of 100, or "good,"according to a new report from app quality analysis vendor ApplauseHealth Data Management reports.

Report Details

The 2015 State of the U.S. Health & Fitness Apps Economy index was based off more than 200 million ratings and reviews for 39 health and fitness apps and 28 medical apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play app store.
The researchers used Applause Analytics, a mobile app analytics tool, to calculate a quality score on a scale from 0 to 100. Specifically, apps that scored:
  • 0 to 39 were considered "poor";
  • 40 to 59 were considered "fair";
  • 60-69 were considered "good";
  • 70 to 89 were considered "excellent"; and
  • 90 to 100 were considered "winning."

Report Findings:  All mobile health apps are avalable in iOS and Android

Mobile Health software would be useless without mobile devices. The form factor and usability of numerous smartphones, tablets, and even newer human-machine interfaces all play a role, especially in wearable devices, where fashion may play a major role.

Wearable devices are still in their infancy in terms of development and deployment. Wearable devices fall under the domain of consumerism as well as a more professional scientific application such as ICU, Emergency Medicine, as well as remote monitoring f

Being produced by Zensorium and their partners in technology, biochemistry and sensors integrate as a platform many many uses in the future with their APK

Four apps received "elite" status, scoring higher than 70 based on more than 50,000 reviews. Those four apps were:
Android apps that scored 80 or above based on more than 20,000 reviews were:
iOS apps that scored 80 or above based on more than 20,000 reviews were:
The report also identified apps that scored below average and could do more to improve their quality, including:
Research Methodology
To build the health & fitness mobile app quality index, ARC 360:

■ Started with the list of 8,851 health & fitness and medical apps housed
within the two most popular U.S. app stores—Google Play and Apple App
Store. Google Play and Apple App Store health & fitness and medical app
store categories match identically.

Blood Pressure Monitor BY TACONIC SYSTEM
Parenting Reminder BY AAWE DEVELOPMENT
Free Menstrual Calendar
Lady Pill Reminder BY SERGIO VIUDES
Home Remedies (Lite) BY PROTHOUGHTS
Speed Anatomy Quiz Free
Beauty Tips Full BY HONGGANG LI
Diseases Dictionary Medical BY ATOMICAPPS
GoodRx Drug Prices and Coupons
Baby Nursing / Breast Feeding
Glucose Buddy: Diabetes Log BY AZUMIO
Test Your Hearing BY EPSILONZERO
Medscape BY WEBMD
iPharmacy Pill ID & Drug Info
Vision Test BY 3 SIDED CUBE

Sunday, January 4, 2015

CES 2015.....Vegas Baby

What's happening in Vegas: the CES 2015 keynotes you won't want to miss

What dedicated health technologist can miss CES ?

The biggest day of CES is the day before CES. Come to think of it, the day before that (today, Sunday) is pretty big too. But Monday is press conference day

The day some of the industry’s biggest and most important companies get on stage and launch somewhere between five and five thousand new products. (Some of them will be washing machines.) If you’re excited about the future of technology and the gadget industry, there’s no bigger day than CES Day Zero.
That day is tomorrow. Monday, January 5th, 2015. We’ll be live all over Las Vegas, following every event, every announcement, every time Michael Bay melts down during a Samsung event because he forgot his lines and should probably stick to directing. For the biggest events, we’ll be on the scene liveblogging, bringing you everything in real time as it happens.

The best place to find everything at CES is the CES hub, which will reflect both the best and the newest things we’re finding at the show. But if you want to know everything that’s happening, as it happens, here are the events you’ll want to watch along with us.

Will we need our hands or fingers to use HIT in the future?

Video Interface Designs from Google Glass to Hand Gestures  more gestures   to Mind Control


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Digital Health Space

The number of posts increases monthly and I have incorporated a "search"  function, located at the top of the right sidebar.  Note the 'advanced' drop down tab.  This will enable more specific ranges, by date and other.

I trust this will enable you to search and find related posts for the days topic. There is also a Google Web Search available.

Happy Holidays from Digital  Health Space