Saturday, December 29, 2012

What happened in 2012 (that was really meaningful use?)


For all of you surgeons and/or proceduralists next time you come out of the operating room, or for the internists, pediatricians and ‘low reimbursement providers” after you have appealed your last round of ‘denials’ This is what has transpired the past year in social media

Note:  This page will be updated hourly, so refresh often…

Yes, Facebook and Twitter are still here but G+ is disruptive technology at it’s best ! Some digital health social media types did not take long to adopt social media and  far less time than to adopt electronic medical records.  And it required no incentiive payments, nor attestation….just plain  fun !

From the surge in social media interest among health consultants, hospitals, and providers alike it is apparent that social media is now part of the health communities. Physicians need to know what it now offers their patients. Hospitals need to know what it offers their patients and their medical staffs.

Medical device developers and sales personnel now interface directly in real time with their constituency.

The presence of  multiple social media communities has stimulated intense competition for platform innovations.

Perhaps some of you physicians have always wanted to be the next “Sanjay Gupta” and have started your own weekly or daily hangout on air using Google plus. Does  your practice have a page on Facebook, Google or a pin on Pinterest ?

Chances are if you don’t know about any of this you don’t have a computer, or perhaps not even electricity.  But you must know that in third world countries, the use of  telemedicine, and telehealth have become the enabler for rural health management.  (and how do they do that without electricity?)  Well, that is another story.

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