Friday, February 15, 2013

Bridging the GAP


Social Media is a non secure platform for connecting providers and patients but does not allow for confidential information protected by HIPAA..

Secure networks such as the Inland Empire Health Information Exchange offers HIPAA compliant interoperability between disparate EMRs for hospitals and providers.

Communication amongst providers via a health information exchange is a key factor in bridging the gap and bringing providers and patients closer together.

Open Source HIX:

This is the do it yourself (DIY) edition for development of a Health Information Exchange infrastructure…It is open source, and free of charge.

Webinar produced and broadcast by: A group of Open Source Developers using and Information Exchange in use by the Federal IT system. and now offered to the HIX community.

Connect has the following partners (clickable).


This webinar is designed to discuss the technical aspects of CONNECT 4.0 with health IT professionals. In this webinar, the CONNECT Team's developers will walk through the architecture and technical details of CONNECT 4.0. Current CONNECT adopters and those considering using CONNECT can learn about this platform and get their questions answered.




About Connect 4.0

CONNECT is an open source software solution that supports health information exchange – both locally and at the national level. CONNECT uses Nationwide Health Information Network standards and governance to make sure that health information exchanges are compatible with other exchanges being set up throughout the country.

This software solution was initially developed by federal agencies to support their health-related missions, but it is now available to all organizations and can be used to help set up health information exchanges and share data using nationally-recognized interoperability standards.

CONNECT can be used to:

  • Set up a health information exchange within an organization
  • Tie a health information exchange into a regional network of health information exchanges using Nationwide Health Information Network standards

By advancing the adoption of interoperable health IT systems and health information exchanges, the country will better be able to achieve the goal of making sure all citizens have electronic health records by 2014. Health data will be able to follow a patient across the street or across the country.


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