Monday, February 18, 2013

Not All Mobile is Social


Mobile health applications continue to soar as 2013 begins after a swelling in 2012.  Applications from physical fitness to remote monitoring and even telehealth are gaining a foothold.

In the process, lawyers are queuing up at the FCC, FTC, FDA and all things that I shall call the ‘F’ word.

Here is what I have ‘scraped’ this week.

Mobile Health Unlikely to Face Much Regulatory Scrutiny, Lawyer Says

Ringadoc rolls out provider-facing telehealth service


Remote monitoring startup Intuitive Health nabs $3.4M

Public health officials put a handy mobile app to use in mass immunization efforts

5 Digital Health Care Trends to Watch

The mHealth Zone  Register to Listen Live.

A written prescription may be more effective in motivating patients to adopt the use of mobile health applications.  The final assessment on their effectiveness and also  standards are not yet finalized.

How many of these advance will stick like superglue, or will it just be a Velcro fastener to be torn off and discarded, replaced or improved?  My bet would be on the later as new applications are fleshed out with improvements as the year goes by. Most of it will be controlled by market demand with some attribution given to quality measures. I see mobile health applications that pertain to ACA, ACO, Meaningful use, and POS billing for physicians making rounds at hospitals, SNFs and the like.


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