Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fifteen Influencers Shaping Digital Health


The digital health ecosystem is advancing at a rapid pace and it’s an exciting time to be on the cusp of a health revolution.

Many of the innovative ideas in health regarding HIT now have to do with measuring, collecting and analyzing reams of data being produced, as well as exploring new methods of remote monitoring, health improvement applications, entrepreneurship. venture capital and kick starters.  Information technology has metastasized from the Silicon Valley to Austin, TX Boston, New York and beyond.

Health IT is making a major impact on the general IT space and is even showing up at such events as the Austin, TX SXSW. I will be reviewing this year’s SXSW13 which took place simultaneously with HIMSS13. Unfortunately they were in two different cities.

Like all revolutions, a revolutionary – or revolutionaries – are required to challenge the status quo and bring about change to the system either through brute force or, in digital health’s case, doing things better, cheaper and more innovatively. While the list below is totally subjective it’s a good start to identify those that are making a difference in health by merging the worlds of biology and technology together.

The top 15, In no particular order.

1. Eric Topol M.D.

eric-topolAmerican cardiologist, geneticist, and researcher but perhaps more importantly Topol is the author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine:

2. Paul Sonnier

Paul SonnierHead of Digital Health Strategy at life science consulting firm, Popper & Co., Sonnier’s influence in digital health lies in the 15,000+ member LinkedIn group he created.

3. Halle Tecco

Halle TeccoFounder and CEO of Rock Health, the startup incubator for digital health and healthcare technology startups.

4. John Nosta

John NostaNosta probably knows more about the digital health ecosystem than anyone else. The HEALTH Critical columnist for Forbes and employee atOgilvy CommonHealth,

5. Walter De Brouwer

walter-de-brouwerBelgian entrepreneur and founder ofScanadu, a company which is soon to be launching the SCOUT, a self diagnostic device which will allow users to monitor several of their own health statistics including heart and respiration rate, blood oxygenation, pulse transit time and temperature without a Dr or nurse.

6. Ray Kurzweil
7. Martin Blinder
8. Anne Wojcicki
10. Larry Smarr
11. Dave Asprey

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