Thursday, May 23, 2013

mHealth, Telehealth and the Digital society: Where does the ‘value’ lie?


Medical economics and the market dynamics, competition, new emerging technology, cost containment, improving outcomes and increased government oversight are driving transformation in the delivery of healthcare.

At the same time strides are taking place in genomics, proteomics, personalized medicine in the form of DNA analysis and scientific analysis of the coming wave of big data and analytics.


Billions of dollars are entering (or perhaps leaving) the health system with the capitalization and investment of health information systems including electronic medical records, health information exchange, mobile health applications, remote monitoring and telehealth.
The net yield is still to be accurately determined. Most payors are not reimbursing for these additional services despite the very real commitment by some institutions, small and large. If payors expect providers to provide these HIT features without additonal financial support via the current reimbursement system further growth will be throttled back..
There are many uses for mobile health communications.  These range from medical education, remote monitoring.
MHealth can be integrated into normal routine daily activities, it can be there at the right times, personalized, interactive,ongoing and provide social support.  In fact there are many community advocacy and support groups available from social media sites such as Google + Facebook and other focused applications.
The informatics and information technology enterprises now seem to be fully engaged in health. Most vendors have a CMIO who functions to translate clinical needs with IT know how to develop useful solutions which are intutive and efficient. Times have changed, vendors must adopt to the new paradigm or face extinction.



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