Monday, June 17, 2013

Not having an Electronic Health Record

From:  The Glass Hospital


The 92 year old lady with a hip fracture, a not uncommon story.  What will happen?  Here’s one scenario.


Pinning of a right hip fracture.l

This frequent occurrence played out as such:

Orthopedic Dialogue

Six months ago I posted a story about a demented 94 year old patient who’d fractured her hip. She’d lost more than thirty pounds in the preceding months and had already had a collarbone fracture from a previous fall.

The course of action in this case resulted in a breach of ethical conduct, bad feelings in the department, and the opening for a medical malpractice incident. Fortunately only the first two occurred.

All of the above could have been avoided had there been an electronic health record.

After the outcome, the chairman of the department had this to say, which says it all,

At the end of our chat, the chairman handed me copies of pages from the patient’s chart.

“Is that your note?” he asked me. I nodded.


I can’t read a word of it,” he told me.

The day is coming when this will no longer occur.

Electronic health records, health informaton exchanges, a national and/or regional health information network and interoperability will break the glass barriers between health information ‘silos’.


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