Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2014 International CES


IT’s that time of year again. Slightly before the holiday season.

One of these days before I oxidize into dust particles I will attend. It is not far from where I live.

I have placed this on my bucket list….Are you reading this Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman?  Please send your private jet to me on opening day.

Digital Health Space finds that many general tech devices intended for the general public often are scooped up by innovative physicians who find  ‘CHEAPER’ way to do things than buy apps and/or devices from medical device companies.  The medical industry niche is so much smaller than the overall CE marketplace that their offerings are far overpriced, even when hardware specs are identical.  Of course there are regulatory fees from those people in D.C. who want to protect us from ourselves.

Here is what is coming in January 2014

3D Printing Technology

Ultra HD    After several years of decline, television sales are improving along multiple metrics as new devices ascend. What will the slate of UltraHD and curved OLEDs mean to the TV market? Will uptake be sufficient to restore TVs to their vibrant category? How should retailers and manufacturers approach these changes?

The Breakthrough oft he Year Awards: This category deserves two separate awards, one offered by Popular Mechanics and the other offered for Breakthroughs in Life Sciences

Academia Tech and

Eureka Park:




We look at the newest innovations—body sensors, mind and gesture controlled devices, personalized headsets, and the latest wrist-wear and eyewear. Style, function and technology intersect in this wow-factor, high-tech exhibit space. Plus we’ll have an after party and live runway show, to add to the excitement.Soon to  be announce is the Google Smartwatch rumored to be in production.

MotionTech and Much Much More


For those of you who want to sit at the front of the bus:, Register Here and use this special code Priority Code A2.  I have sent this code to a limited number of friends on the interweb   5 X 1010    at last count.


CES has an outstanding web site. You will find it here. No explanation necessary, except for my opinon which means you will not click on the above. If you have…..you have made it through the secret door and down the hole into Alice in Wonderland.

And if an when you survive the fall to the Exhibit Hall there you will find the mushrooms.

What fare does CES have in store?
Apple Device


Like mushrooms which appear almost mysteriously in infinite colors shapes and sizes, a collage of mushrooms tantalizes at what CES 2013 will offer.



The real rabbit hole lies somewhat east of Las Vegas


Is this a home,a restaurant, a guided missile launching platform, it may even be a left over abandoned alien transporter left over on their way to build the pyramids. Local rumor says that Elvis is buried  here.

#ces2014  cesweb.org   Tuesday January 7 through Friday,January 10, 2014 Las Vegas, NV


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