Thursday, December 12, 2013

Project Moonshot-----Dell launches mini-servers

Project Moonshot, Dell's innovative approach to the cloud and servers is coming to healthcare. Many providers utilize cloud services for electronic medical records to avoid hardware expense, and maintenance of software.  Other than real security issues it allows HIT and EMRs to be affordable.

However the large data centers use considerable energy for running the servers and cooling.  They are often located in areas where energy costs are low, such as near hydroelectric generating facilities.

Moore's law of computer processing power doubling every year is no longer a limitng or consideration in designing new systems.

What is HPs new server? Basically, it’s a server, a very small server that consumes very little energy.  Smaller than a typical hardcover book, it consumes 89 percent less energy to operate, and takes up 94 percent less space than a typical server. And, when packed into a large rack with many more servers like it, the amount of computing power that can be harnessed in one relatively small place is pretty impressive.  The idea is pretty straightforward: Cram 2,800 servers into a single rack that would today house a few dozen, or at most 128, blade servers. 

Moonshot m300 server cartridge based on Intel Avoton Atom chips 

ARM processors are found in tablet pcs, cell phones. They draw less power and generate less heat than conventional x86 processors.  attribution for some content is given to:

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