Sunday, January 26, 2014

Medical Tutorial Helpouts

Google has released a new hangout application called "Help Outs".  They have been designed to offer one on one tutorial and/or instructional platform for professionals, hobbyists or anyone who like to teach or consult on a one on one format.

The Helpout format meshes nicely with the missions of Health Train Express and Digital Health Space. It will give an opportunity for questions in a private setting which may be stimulated by my blog writings.  Or you may have bold and fresh new ideas.

Are You a Connector?  

Certainly our world is changing, not only in the health field but in general, the labor force is changing, and old opportunities are probably gone forever.  The economy and medicine in general have been reset and it is time for a fresh re-boot

The Guide to Helpouts on Google +

Health Train Express and Digital Health Space are currently being "vetted" to use the Helpout API.  We have had our iniitial background check. (quite extensive...consisting of a sweep of all major databases for criminality, license status by a professional screening company, Hireright . Somehow or other I managed to slip in under the radar.  I had a Helpout Interview, and hopefully passed the final step in assessing the 'studio' and my stage presence.

In about one week I should have a start date.

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