Friday, June 13, 2014

Healtlh IT Tsunami

It is a bit overwhelming for physicians to maintain clinical competence, run a financially sound medical enterprise, solo or otherwise, and keep current on health information technology.

Physicians pride themselves on efficiency due to the current reimbursement method of volume based reimbursement. The government and some insurers are intent upon a value based system of reimbursement, however the mechanisms are still murky.  Staying current on health reform and health IT systems have become overwhelming, while most physicians would like to ignore the chaos focusing on patient matters the chaos and noise filter through daily activities.

Physicians are multi-taskers and there are some conventional non health related tools to help organize you days.

Our next series of articles will address solutions that may assist in organizing your projects and daily activities.

Some are content with reading blogs and social media and others are interested in the tools for social media.

This week’s focus is on productivity—a favorite topic of ours.

Here are some of the highlights:

What productivity tools do you use on a daily basis? - Part I

Here’s a list of some the apps mentioned during the chat (in no particular order):
My favorite is Laspass. This is a secure cloud based password manager. It can be accessed from any device on the internet.  Check it out.
GotoMeeting is disappointing since it will not work on Chrome, an operating system (browser) that many use due to it’s tight integration with all things Google, including Youtube, Drive, Gmail, and many others.  Chrome and chromebook as well as the new chromebox have become very popular. Chrome is now the most popular internet web browser.

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