Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Curmudgeons and Physician Branding

Get Social Health is  Get Social Health is the  website published by Janet Kennedy..

Dr Faust details  his experience how a very successful orthopedic surgeon became interested in social media. His take on social media in medicine is valuable to anyone, those who are not interested, nor have the time and see social media as a 'time sink' and those who are enamored with health care social media.

Dr. Faust views health care social media users as thought leaders.   His experience in medical education and background in computer program created  a nexus for his new goals.

Russel Faust is well spoken, articulate and frames this topic well, appealing to both newbies and advanced social media gurus.  He served to affirm my thoughts which began ten years ago and have only grown more.  In the beginning we were largely alone, and as time has gone on we have seen enthusiam for this media which outweighs our belief in  electronic health records.  It also did not require federal incentives to catch on, which demonstrates it's return on investment, and growth.

Russel Faust MD Blog

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