Thursday, August 28, 2014

Is Aetna dumping its health data platform a bad omen for HealthKit and Google Fit?

This week  Aetna dumped it's mHealth offering, CarePass.   At almost the same moment Apple announced "Health Kit' and       also .  

Our last post, Can we rely on Mobile Health App analyzes how mHealth apps can stagger even the largest user.

The Apple OS store and the Android OS (Chrome Play store)  offer two highly visible marketplaces for mobile health apps. Microsoft also offers mobile health apps such as Health Vault, HealthVaultmobile, Microsoft also features a Health and Fitness guide for developers but has no specific product of it's own. The Windows phone store offers Fitbit, Active Fitness  Gym Pocket Guide, Runtastic, and 30-Minute Boot Camp. All of these collect and store data, however have no remote monitoring functions. Microsoft and others have multiple focused apps for excercise with titles such as: Ab Builder to Pullups

While mHealth pertains to a wide spectrum of devices in size, as a wearable, or implanted device, it oftens require merging many different components to work, requiring wifi,smartphones, tablets and pcs to integrate an application.

Smartphones are being replaced by Smartwatchs such as Gear S

The latest reports suggest that Apple will announce a wearable device, the so-called "iWatch," in September—earlier than previously expected. The only clue to its function in Apple's documentation is HealthKit's ability to record heart-rate data from a wrist-based device.  HealthKit also records sleep-quality information, distinguishing whether you're in bed or actually asleep—data that devices like the Jawbone Up, Fitbit, and Runtastic Orbit can collect.

 Start the Countdown Timer on Whatever Old-Fashioned Piece of Junk You Have on Your Wrist Right Now

Remember back in June when I said Apple hoped to schedule a special event in October to show off a new wearable device? Remember how I also said this: “Could things change between now and fall? That’s certainly possible.” Turns out that was a prescient hedge, because things have changed. Apple now plans to unveil a new wearable alongside the two next-generation iPhones we told you the company will debut on September 9. (Funny “joke,” Gruber.) The new device will, predictably, make good use of Apple’s HealthKit health and fitness platform. It will also — predictably — make good use of HomeKit, the company’s new framework for controlling connected devices — though it’s not clear how broadly or in what way. Sure would be nice to turn the lights on and off from my wrist, though — or navigate my Apple TV (caution: Total speculation). Oh. Could things change between now and September 9? That’s certainly possible — har-har — but I doubt it. Invitations should be going out any day now, right? No word yet on the fate of the October event I mentioned earlier this summer, though I imagine it’s still on. With its best product pipeline in 25 years, Apple should have more than enough hardware to fill two events. Apple declined comment.



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