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Is Healthcare Missing Out on 21st Century Technology?

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 Rasu Shrestha MD MBA (@RasuShrestha) July 31, 2014, and John Lynn, Health Scene Blog Network


Is Healthcare Missing Out on 21st Century Technology?

Jul 31, 2014 09:02 am

"I work in #healthcare during the day, then I go home to the 21st century." @DaveLevinMD #hitsm #HealthIT #hcldr
— Rasu Shrestha MD MBA (@RasuShrestha) July 31, 2014

This tweet struck me as I consider some of the technologies at the core of healthcare. As a patient, many of the healthcare technologies in use are extremely disappointing. As an entrepreneur I’m excited by the possibilities that newer technologies can and will provide healthcare.
I understand the history of healthcare technology and so I understand much of why healthcare organizations are using some of the technologies they do. In many cases, there’s just too much embedded knowledge in the older technology. In other cases, many believe that the older technologies are “more reliable” and trusted than newer technologies. They argue that healthcare needs to have extremely reliable technologies. The reality of many of these old technologies is that they don’t stop someone from purchasing the software (yet?). So, why should these organizations change?
I’m excited to see how the next 5-10 years play out. I see an opportunity for a company to leverage newer technologies to disrupt some of the dominant companies we see today. I reminded of this post on my favorite VC blog. The reality is that ...Read more
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