Sunday, August 17, 2014

Let's Hear it for Google Glass !

Indian physicians are often on the 'cutting' edge' of developing technology. Especially surgeons (no pun intended)  

OK, Glass, say docs at city hospital’s operation theatre

One of our social media gurus #kathibrowne of Health Talk Community group on Google + while visiting India had a glass glimpse of how surgeons are adapting Glass. Formal training sessions with Glass and  Doctors in Bangalore will soon make wearable technology a permanent feature of their surgical attire — several surgeons at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences at Whitefield are being trained to perform surgeries wearing Google Glass.

Will this new technology be integrated into medical training here in the United States?  Like most innovations in surgical technique a few brave doctors will begin using Glass.  If it proves to be effective, reduce operating room time, improve outcomes, and yes maybe even save money, the early adopters will begin formal 'skills' courses at national meetings.

Kathi Browne, a healthcare-focused social media consultant from the United States who helped co-ordinate the Google Hangout on Air for the three-day ASEF project in Bangalore, said hundreds of doctors were trained by representatives of the Google Glass community for healthcare, thereby turning them into Google Glass 'explorers'. 

Kathi, who specialises in using Google Glass and other contemporary tools in healthcare, told Bangalore Mirror, "In addition to recording a live operation, Google Glass also helps to access medical records online or through the intranet. In case of a doubt one can stop the procedure and take advice and consultancy from other physicians during a surgery." 

Google glass eventually will become a main stay in many industries for education, training and archiving events. 

The next application may very well be in law enforcement, adding to the 'dash cam'.

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