Sunday, January 4, 2015

CES 2015.....Vegas Baby

What's happening in Vegas: the CES 2015 keynotes you won't want to miss

What dedicated health technologist can miss CES ?

The biggest day of CES is the day before CES. Come to think of it, the day before that (today, Sunday) is pretty big too. But Monday is press conference day

The day some of the industry’s biggest and most important companies get on stage and launch somewhere between five and five thousand new products. (Some of them will be washing machines.) If you’re excited about the future of technology and the gadget industry, there’s no bigger day than CES Day Zero.
That day is tomorrow. Monday, January 5th, 2015. We’ll be live all over Las Vegas, following every event, every announcement, every time Michael Bay melts down during a Samsung event because he forgot his lines and should probably stick to directing. For the biggest events, we’ll be on the scene liveblogging, bringing you everything in real time as it happens.

The best place to find everything at CES is the CES hub, which will reflect both the best and the newest things we’re finding at the show. But if you want to know everything that’s happening, as it happens, here are the events you’ll want to watch along with us.

Will we need our hands or fingers to use HIT in the future?

Video Interface Designs from Google Glass to Hand Gestures  more gestures   to Mind Control


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