Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Innovation....What it is NOT

Innovation, Kickstarters, Disruptive technology, and Creativity in Health Care.

Few would argue that the past ten years of the introduction of  digital storage and other electronic devices has not empowered health care providers, hospitals and the health industry.

The promises have been many.  Some have taken root and will become a part of the new infrastructure of how medical care is delivered.

There are those who state that  HIT Venture Capital has peaked, after the Federal Funding by the  HITECH Act and Federal incentives have passed.  CMS Meaningful use has dampened any enthusiasm for meaningful advances in EHR since capital investment will now be diverted for a capability in which few clinicians are interested.

The fact is that most innovative ideas do not make it off the drawing board, attract capital, nor make it to a marketplace. Even after running that gauntlet the marketplace may not be favorable to develop a sustainable business model. Except for government, profit often is the measure of a successful innovator.

However even in government profit can be a motive, or at least reduce taxation and cut costs of operation. Our government functions wiith a contractual bidding, lowest product.  The two are not mutually exclusive. Risk to a government is different than risk to a business innovator.
The blend for success is a mixture of creativity, scientific breakthroughs, business acumen, and timing.

Innovation can be scientific, or even new business models for health care. Certainly the Affordable Care Act is an innovation. (more later).

Here are some possibilities:

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