Saturday, January 17, 2015

Midnite Madness

I woke at 2 AM earlier today with a panicky feeling about what I may have been missing in Internet explorer and/or Firefox.  Spent that past two days recovering and installing a Vista 32 program on my vintageToshiba Satellite A215 laptop.  My son said the laptop was ‘dead’.  I found an excellent and cheap aftermarket multi-purpose power brick and adapters to fit almost any portable device ($ 9.00 on Amazon  Also went online to Toshiba to order a ‘recovery disk  ($29.95)  Fired it up...all went well.  Runs pretty fast, although it became very hot and shut down. Investigation revealed the cooling fan was not spinning. The problem was dirt in the heat dissipation sink  and stuck fan bearing fr om dried out lubricant.  I was happy to not have to tear the laptop down to replace the fan needlessly.

Back to my anxiety of last night.  For the first time in many years I used a non Chrome browser. I tried Internet Explorer (ver 7.0) first, then Firefox.  ehh !?  Neither of them ran well.  Much of the problem I believe is that the newer programs and add ons are not very backward compatible with Vista 32. and a great many add ons, plug ins would not run or appear at all. Back to Chrome….

browser wars.jpg windows vista experience.jpg

Other than the lag in the cloud at times, the “snap” crashes  it serves my purposes well.  For those of you who have sworn off IE or Firefox I agree.  My  assessment is definitely biased because I am using such an older version of Windows.  I noted that the boot times for Vista seemed to be much quicker on this old laptop with the clean install.

windows vista.jpg

Next step is to replace the HDD with an SSD. After using my chrome book now for several years, the Toshiba feels very very heavy...portable is all relative.

Chrome however will not run several web conferencing tools, nor

When I tire of this activity I will buy a new iMAC 5 K.  

I can now sleep better knowing what the ‘new Windows and Firefox look like.  Vista 32 would not allow me to upgrade  IE past ver 7.0 . either.  It is 6 AM, and time to start the day….I am going back to sleep. The sun is rising in the east, and the owls are hooting.

Our backyard alarm clock

Riverside CA looking North 7A.M.

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