Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Health Information Technology Updates

While many providers are disappointed and also infuriated that the current first generation of EHRs which have been designed to meet arbitrary rules from HHS and CMS it is also obvious that the time has come for providers to play a more active role in addressing the significant shortcomings in EHRs that prevent them from playing a significant role in improving practice efficiency.

While CMS and  HHS have done their  'best' to foster development with a dual system of rewards and penalties it is not enough that they totally ignored "meaningful usability".  The current crop of meaningful use and EHR benefits 'pencil pushers', insurance companies, quality assurance, and others, as yet uknown who will  tap into the huge data base that is developing.

One way of speeding development is to incentivize not only providers and hospitals but  EHR vendors into developing more uniform standards, and common interfaces that are easily translated for physicians who often attend patients in numerous facilities, as well as their clinics. Some very large integrated health systems approach this goal successfully.

Perhaps a form of tax credits would stimulate interest in modernizing interfaces.. Microsoft is taking this approach to harmonize their desktop, tablet and smart phone GUI, making their use smooth and not requiring the learning of three separate screens.  EHR vendors should follow their lead.

Our opinion here is that CMS, and HHS have rushed to force a roll out of EHRs, much as they did with the Affordable Care Act.  We will be  discussing the ACA in a later post.

A second generation is now becoming available, however Digital Health Space is still catching up on the older versions.

Our biggest announcement is the grand opening of our new Channel .  Digital Health Space,  will correlate with the blog, hopefully in a  'meaningful way'.Please subscribe.

Health blogs are ubiquitous, and we are attempting to remain relevant, creative and exciting for authors and viewers (readers) alike.

In the next several weeks a schedule will be forthcoming to be posted at Digital Health Space. The first broadcast (test) was accomplished today...it is rough, but technically it is working.

We need a video production expert to help produce the broadcast, so that  do not have to multi-task. which cuts down on the professionalism, and distracts from content.

We are also recruiting providers and consultants who have opinions and can address controversy in this area.

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