Friday, March 27, 2015


Those in the digital health space have many opportunities to chose from applications, hardware and the cloud to make the most of their IT investments.  The challenge is made that much harder by the seemingly overwhelming number of choices available.

Step number 

1. Focus and narrow your objectives. 2. Establish your budget  3. Find an efficient source for comparing objects of desire.
4. Enjoy the is almost as much fun as catching your prey.
5. When looking for hardware try Engadget's Shopping Tool.

Compare products

The sign of a true geek is not the pencil holder in his shirt, but the list of gadgets he uses.

Ever feel like seeing all the specs stacked up at once? The engadget comparison tool's got you more than covered. Save, sort, highlight, and share your comparisons of up to five products in each category! Add to your comparisons whenever you see a product around the site, or start a comparison by clicking any category below. And don't worry about losing your place, we've got all your stuff stored for later, accessible from the menu bar.

Engadget now has a tool for comparing all sorts of geekology, ranging from computers to cameras, and home audio, and right down to those 'thumb drives'.

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