Sunday, April 19, 2015

IBM Positions Itself as Large Broker of Health Data - WSJ

IBM Positions Itself as Large Broker of Health Data - WSJ: "IBM partners with Apple, Johnson

IBM partners with Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic to form Watson Health data venture

An unlikely set of partners teamed up to capitalize on a gathering flood of health-related personal information.
International Business Machines Corp. unveiled on Monday a partnership with Apple Inc.,Johnson & Johnson and MedtronicInc., as well as the acquisition of two medical-data software companies. Known as Watson Health, the effort transfers IBM’s experience in data processing to the sensitive field of health care,part of an evolving strategy to pool and analyze data from other companies, such as Twitter Inc. and the Weather Channel. It will attempt to leverage the tech company’s analytics and health-care software businesses into a new generation of apps for patients and providers.

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