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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Health Care at the Speed of Data

The early goal of establishing electronic health records as a more accurate and legible recording of patient visits has been ecclipsed by the stream of data within the systems of EHR and Health data.

For some time the health insurance industry has been the leader in using data for actuarial information to maximize their profit and avoid losses in their lines of business.

Except for managed care organizations and those participating in shared-risk reimbursement, there has been little attention paid to outcomes and quality metrics by individual providers, and small group practices. These smaller entitites do not have adequate resources to scrub data and analyze it.

Big data now has become even bigger data.

Most providers are now aware of this fundamental change in medicine.

The new way

The potential for using high speed Internet technology to help expand access and quality of health care in the United States is becoming commonplace.. The use of advanced communications technology to transmit medical data and imaging in real-time, while linking patients to providers for direct consultation, removes geographical barriers and allows people to receive the medical care they need when and where it’s needed.
In the face of rising medical costs and increasing gaps in insurance coverage, the cost-cutting efficiencies of telemedicine – the delivery of quality health-related services and information using telecommunications technologies - are more valuable than ever. Universal high speed Internet access would help bring the prospect of affordable and quality health care for all Americans closer to reality.
Except for rural areas internet speed is fairly good.  The flow of data increases the amount of information available for analytics.
The potential for profit is not unnoticed, as evidenced by considerable investment in health data warehousing.

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