Monday, May 11, 2015

mHealth and your Privacy

Patients, Doctors See Mobile Health App Benefits, but Privacy Concerns Remain

Mobile health applications can help patients better manage their health, boost the patient-physician relationship and improve health care research. However, some argue that the apps' collection of sensitive health data raises new privacy concerns.
In an iHealthBeat audio report by Ali Budner, experts discussed the benefits and privacy concerns related to the growing use of mobile health apps.
The report includes comments from:
  • Deborah Estrin, a professor of computer science at Cornell Tech and cofounder of Open mHealth;
  • Evan Muse, a cardiologist and fellow with the Scripps Translational Science Institute;
  • Deborah Peel, a psychiatrist and the founder of Patient Privacy Rights; and
  • Whitney Zatzkin, a public administrator and mobile health app user (Budner, iHealthBeat, 4/22).

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