Monday, May 4, 2015

Telemedicine and Telehealth Opportunity


One of the most typical ways how physicians
communicate with patients is through email
and whenever they do so, it’s mostly to treat
routine illnessess. When the patient needs
to order a drug prescription or just receiving
any kind of healthcare service it can easily be
done through chat as well. It only takes a few
minutes to get the attention they need nowadays;
people know that the digital world is changing as time goes by and on a fast
   pace, which is no longer surprising for anyone, therefore it’s only reasonable for
   everyone to get involved.
An important similarity to telemedicine is that it can be quite beneficial to those
patients that live in areas where the traditional delivery of any kind of healthcare 
At times service is compromised by distance or any other factor like a shortage
of medical professionals. Many are the adversities that those folks living in rural
areas have to go through everyday; shouldn’t we make it easier for them to have
access to the health care they deserve?
It is necessary to point out the fact that at this moment people can enjoy the real
benefits of a healthcare service whenever they need it, it doesn’t matter where their
location is or how hard it is for them to get out of a rural place.  Reaching out to the
 patient is our responsibility and we are going to do everything within our power to provide
as much service as we can. Our certainty relies on the fact that by hiring qualified
professionals we will be educating the masses on how to make use of every medical
via of communication existent in the market, and that way keep them up to date with
every change regarding telecommunication and how to get a service of quality and on
time, right when they need it. It only takes a simple call after all.

A key barrier to increasing the availability of telehealth 
is it is not a covered benefit for most health insurance 
policies.  Perhaps this is a major defect in the scope of 
coverage for the Affordable Care Act.

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