Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Doctor, Forget Meaningful Use !

Much time and effort have gone into Meaningful Use and it's stages. It has been used as the bully pulpit for meaningless changes in collecting health information for  big data and analytics.  It has been used more as a penalty than an incentive in the road to electronic health records.  Vendors, you must be in compliance to market your EHR and expect physicians to buy it.

Doctors, in a recent article by Dike Drummond, M.D. (The Happy MD) he might be the only "Happy MD" , and it is probably because he may not run a medical practice

Dr.Drummond approaches physician burnout from a variety of sources:

3. Frustration
4. Anger

According to the Medscape 2015 Survey, 46% of doctors are suffering from burnout right now. When you survey doctors, EMR and documentation are always three of the top five stressors.

Electronic Records have become a major factor for physician burnout.  Dr Drummond points out there are only three things that are essential and will focus your efforts.

1. Legible notes, for continuity of care by another provider.
2..Medico-legal importance
3. Enter only significant information relating to the visit or disease. Significant information to justify the billing and diagnosis codes.

Most repetitive tasks are built into a good EHR to be performed automatically and transparently. If your EHR does not perform this it is a waste of your money.

Only the three areas mentioned above are essential to your EHR.  The rest of it is the responsibility of the vendor and/or your staff.  Offload those things you don't need to do.

Go Home on time.

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