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Health Trackers Are Changing The Experience of Pregnancy

There seems to be no end to electronic devices for pregnancy. It seems to fit in the categoreis of wearables in HIT.

Mothers-to-be have always worried about the health of their unborn child, and fathers often place their ear on Mom' abdomen, listening to the infant's  heartbeat.  The 'quickening' when the baby's first movements are felt is a never forgotten moment.

A whole new generation of devices can be worn, and transmit information wirelessly and transparently allowing 24 hour real time data recording.

Health Trackers Are Changing The Experience of Pregnancy

by Dr. Bertalan Meskó on July 30, 2015

Wearables during pregnancy

Smart scales, smart socks, music and heart rate devices in pregnancy.

In many of my videos, I have talked about how I quantify my health with trackers and wearable gadgets. I thought that fitness and sport enthusiasts would come to me asking questions about these gadgets, but I have received the biggest number of questions from pregnant mothers who wanted to first quantify their own health, plus the health of their babies.

Pregsense (coming soon) provides information during the pregnancy, monitors the fetus’ health and sends the activity to the mother to a smartphone.

Ritmo Pregnancy provides expectant families with a simple way to safely and effectively deliver sounds.

Sound Beginnings‘ high quality speakers are designed to keep the volume to a level that is safe for baby

Lullabelly is a prenatal music belt that can be used whether the expectant mother is on the go or just relaxing at home. It has a patented hands-free design and is easy to use and safe for the baby.

Bellybuds are also used to deliver special music to the fetus through the belly belt with high quality speakers

MyHealth Bee offers a whole range of devices categorizes by trimesters.

BleepBleeps plans to create a whole range of devices for ovulation testing, baby monitoring, a motion alarm, an ultrasound scanner, and even a digital thermometer to use at home.

iBabyGuard has an award winner baby sleep monitor.

Teddy The Guardian is the first smart teddy on the market; a personal guard equipped with sensors that monitor the baby’s well-being.

There are multiple devices for monitoring baby's breathing, movements, temperature and even a diaper Pixie Scientific with sensors.

MySensibleBaby can monitor the child’s position, temperature, and even the movements.  Owlet Care designed smart socks that alert mothers if the baby stops breathing.  Sproutling is also a baby monitor. 

Health Trackers Are Changing The Experience of Pregnancy | ScienceRoll

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