Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Let Doctors Be Doctors – If Jay Z Sang EHR | EMR and HIPAA

Let Doctors Be Doctors – If Jay Z Sang EHR | EMR and HIPAA

The MD Emmy goes this year to ZdoggMD (Zubin Demania, a self styled proponent of bringing medical issues to the attention of music lovers of all bent of all genre's. His usual stage is the hospital halls, medical school  graduations and anyone willing to listen to his ''stuff".  I have watched Zubin over the years beginning with his exit from academic medicine as a hospitalist.

Coincidentally, in Las Vegas the older portion of the  "strip" was about to undergo a major transformation in order to bring 'normal residents" to the downtown area. Of course health care was needed for this new 'patient centered model home.

Thus was born 'Turntable Health'.

The Location, Directions and a few images.

There are no slot machines

Let Doctors Be Doctors

Turntable Health is the arm of the investment group, sparked In 2012 by CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, who launched a revitalization project investing 350 million dollars of his own money to help rejuvenate downtown Las Vegas through entrepreneurship and technology that helped catalyze the growth and popularity of the startup scene.

50 Las Vegas Startups You Should Get To Know – From Early Stage To Thriving
When is the last time you heard the words healthcare and fun in the same sentence? Oh yes, probably never! TurnTable is a healthcare startup that making primary care and prevention fun, cool, and effective with a mission to expand to speciality and hospital care around the world.
They are an innovative, membership-model primary care clinic focused on prevention unlike typical primary care delivery models. They have three notable innovations:
First, they changed the payment model from fee-for-service episodic “sick care” to a flat membership fee for all-you-can-treat access to their care team. This encourages people to be seen when they are well, so they can stay that way

Second, they have a unique team-based model that incorporates doctors, nurses, social workers, and health coaches to treat a patient in an integrated and holistic fashion.
Third, with their partner, Iora Health, they have implemented a custom electronic health record system that identifies patients at risk for disease and allows their team to proactively reach out to them to keep them out of trouble.

This model saves money in terms of ER and speciality costs, improves outcomes such as hypertension control and smoking cessation, and results in vastly happier patients.

Along with Dr Z who rants about the inadequacy and bloat of meaningful use in EHRs the reader can review:

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