Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Health Insurance Company Member Engagement Index: The EveryMove 100 – HealthBlawg

"'TOP DOCTORS in America" or TOP DOCTORS wherever you may be, Airport,Hotels, or Tourist destinations We have all seen the shiny magazine covers announcing their selection of the best. 

Now we find a new index:

Health Insurance Company Member Engagement Index: The EveryMove 100

At last physicians can see where the 'top health insurers are as ranked by  EveryMove 100

At the outset, health plans are ranked by these five categories of consumer engagement and interaction:
  1. Social media presence and performance. Having accounts is important. Having accounts engaged in active dialogue with consumers is more important.
  2. Mobile strategy. Is there a mobile website? Are there user-friendly apps available on multiple platforms?
  3. Website statistics. How much traffic is any website getting relative to other health plans? Is the content fresh or static?
  4. Customer support.  How easy is it to find contact info? How are plans using technology to make contacting them easier?
  5. Customer satisfaction. EveryMove surveyed its own user base (100,000 nationwide) to get data on health plans.
The title Best Doctors is used cautiously as this does not pertain to clinical excellence but rather by a narrowly defined consumer rating based on social media, contact information, website statistics. 

I like the idea that consumer engagement measures are available to individuals at the time they need to make these choices. I like the use of social media presence and engagement as a key series of metrics as well. There are a million tools out there for use in choosing a health plan. I look forward to the maturing of this tool so that it can be a more useful tool for individuals facing a difficult choice.

At least as important, however, are decision tools that allow individuals to model their likely costs, so that each person can choose the best plan for his or her own specific circumstances.

And most important are the strength of their education, training and performance in the clinical space.
The metrics will be revisited on a quarterly basis by the team and advisory board (which at present includes Matthew Holt,Aman Bhandari and Garrison Bliss).

Health Insurance Company Member Engagement Index: The EveryMove 100 – HealthBlawg

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