Monday, November 30, 2015

Telemedicine and HIPAA Compliant Email

Welcome to 2016.

If you are a small practice (or a large one, for that matter), this post may be helpful to you.
Usually my  posts are about 'theoretical' issues surrounding HIT and Health Reform

Today will be pragmatic, with several real-time applications that you can install tomorrow, and  they come with no fees.

If you have or are going to be successful with Meaningful use, let's proceed.


Telehealth promises to be a part of the solution for primary care physicians, and many others as well. Any PCP will tell you how it is impossible to meet the real needs of  his patients. The Affordable Care Act has upped the anty with an influx of previously uninsured patients,  Many of these potential patients have low incomes, at the poverty level, and do not have transportation.

The biggest issue for physicians due to a loss of income providing this service in lieu of a real office encounter. This issue has been one of reimbursement because CMS and private insurers did not remburse for virtual visits, except for a few instances.  That is all changing as CMS alters its attitude regarding televideo.

This televideo application is free of charge, it is simple, requires little technical expertise, and utilizes a desktop computer, or a smart phone.  It allow the physician the ability to call a patient,and the reverse,a patient can request a televideo connection with the physician.

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