Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 in Digital Health Space

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It is that time of year when pundits review past events for the year and futurists attempt to predict the next disruptive technology.

The past year in the Digital Health Space was a mix of success and  failure.

Telehealth and Telemedicine is taking a foothold as providers become aware of it's power to expand accessibilty and more important CMS and many insurance companies are beginning to reimburse for these services for several reasons.

An important  consideration for providers is whether mHealth apps will increase or decrease face-to-face office visits. Most providers have little if any spare time. They have little desire to see more patients, unless they are in a fee for service model (which may disappear soon), or beginning a new practice.

Professionals are somewhat confused about whether FDA approval is required to market mobile healh apps and may be reluctant to use one not examined and approved by the FDA. This may be a major delay in adoption. FDA approval would give a boost to sales and use if announced or labellled, "FDA approved". FDA approval requires a printed insert detailing limitations, waivers, and possible untoward events using the device.  The device approval process is different than drug approval.

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