Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Telemedicine Platforms Review

This is a special edition of Digital Health Space

This post is a  one stop and shop link for physicians and others to evaluate current telemedicine solutions. It may or may not be complete. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Telemedicine Platforms Review

Doxy.me  (requires no download...web based)

Online Doctor Consultation Services

A key feature in all of these televideo programs is an API for iPhone or Android smartphones.

All of the above tele services are hosted on the Vsee.com platform.  It is HIPAA compliant. Each service offers different levels of service, chat,audio,video. Some components and accessory attachments are available at extra cost from other vendors, such as cardioscopes, otolaryngology instruments, retinal cameras, macrolens for dermatology lesions, etc

Mobile health and telemedicine products are in rapid development and availability changes monthly.  Check back with us for a monthly update. 

Check with your local jurisdiction (State Medical Board) for the most recent rulings on the use of telemedicine. Health Payers are also releasing notifications regarding telehealth reimbursement  procedures.

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