Thursday, May 19, 2016

What is in MICRA and MIPS ? MU and a lot more - SGR

Such a deal !  Our leaders thought it was a win to eliminate SGR after so many years of waivers.  Actually it was a point of negotiation for those who make these decisions for HHS and CMS as well as Congress.

Without realizing it, our medical organization representatives were naive about the price we would pay to eliminate the SGR. The threat of reductions to reimbursement crept up to over 20%. As a result the agreement or the one sided decision was to substitute MIPS for SGR.

The letters have changed and the bureaucracy increases for those who enjoy paper trails, the hum of computers and the sound of laser printers vomitting reams of paper for analysis only to be shredded at the end of the day, or backed up somewhere in the cloud on a server in a secure site.  These 'cyber-vaults' are visited only by cyber sleuths in t he hope of extracting some vital nugget of information or a giant data stream for the mission of financial gain, or even revenge.

MACRA Webinar Slide deck - 

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