Monday, July 18, 2016

Digital Health Space for 2016


I wrote this during early 2016. Obviously it was not published (accidentally.) However the information remains the same.

Digital Health Space will offer several new functions.  Several of them appear in the right hand side-bar.  While some of them are still under construction, follow along to see our improvements in engagement.

We will be offering Webinars, Video conferencing and other social media events. Social media has become embedded in many health care activities.  We will also be offering  other videos relevant to health information technology.

Digital Health Space can be found on:

Google +

We are also aggregated by HealthWorks Collective,  and Networked Blogs (now Symphony)

Other activities

Clinical Advisor to HealPros, LLC a company dedicated to improving compliance for diabetic retinopathy screening in the home.  HealPros focuses on the 50% or more of patients who do not appear for annual screening for any number of reasons such as location in rural areas, lack of transportation, disability, lack of interest or motivation to see an eye vision professional. We feel privileged to participate in this activity designed to decrease complications of advanced diabetic retinopathy.  Studies have revealed the cost effectiveness of diabetic retinopathy screening. And by reaching out to patients, we hope this will help engage patients to participate in managing their diabetes;

And also follow our posts at Health Train Express

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