Thursday, July 21, 2016

LeanTaaS | Data Driven Optimizations for Hospital Operations

Data analytics can maximize the potential  capacity of your hospital, ambulatory surgery center and clinic operations 
Hospitals face a daily operational paradox: scarce resources are both over-booked and underutilized on the same day. This results in underutilized OR rooms, sub-optimal utilization of inpatient bed capacity, long patient waiting times in clinics and infusion centers, and overworked staff. With the new challenges of value based care, staff shortages, population growth & more, it's about to get worse. That's where iQueue comes in.
iQueue maximizes resource usage by continuously monitoring capacity, forecasting volume, and shaping demand. Patented algorithms apply lean techniques and machine learning to ensure OR utilization is increased, hospital in-patient beds capacity is uniformly utilized and clinic and infusion room patient flow is smoother throughout the day. As a result, patients get more access to treatments and surgeries, staff and patient satisfaction improves, and unnecessary overtime costs go down.

iQueue for Clinics improves patient access at clinics with predictive analytics. It mines historic EHR data, learns about operating constraints and staff schedules; and generates optimized provider scheduling templates that "level load" patients throughout the day.
Some of the nation's largest clinical networks rely on iQueue to increase patient access, lower wait times, and deliver better care at a lower cost.

LeanTaaS | Data Driven Optimizations for Hospital Operations

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