Monday, July 11, 2016

ONC kicks off blockchain challenge |

 The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is looking for ways that blockchain could be put to work in healthcare scenarios

"Blockchain is here – and it's going to save everything," blared an article this week in the Guardian. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT also sees an opportunity in blockchain for healthcare. ONC, in fact, has launched a contest to find ways to apply the bitcoin-derived database principles to spur interoperability and cybersecurity.

The challenge, titled "Blockchain and Its Emerging Role in Healthcare and Health-related Research," is looking to explore ways blockchain could be efficiently deployed in clinical settings.  Specifically, contestants should discuss how its cryptography fundamentals can help drive the data-exchange imperatives outlined in ONC's Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap, patient-centered outcomes research, precision medicine and other healthcare needs.

ONC’s aim is to "discuss the effectiveness of the solution and the solutions ability to function in the real world. This discussion may include information regarding meeting privacy and security standards, implementation and potential performance issues, and cost implications. Risk analysis and mitigation would be appropriate to include here as well."
I am not certain what is more complicated, health care, health care financing, the Affordable Care Act, Accountable Care Organizations, or blockchain and bitcoin. Perhaps they are all the same......needless gordion knots to create chaos and avoid the real issues in delivering health care and caring for patients.
I would not bet my health on blockchain, bitcoin, or the Affordable Care Act.

ONC kicks off blockchain challenge | Healthcare IT News

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