Saturday, July 30, 2016


Jason Anderson: How to add IBM Watson to your projects

Mankind has great difficulty dealing with Exponential Change. The rate of change challenges our ability to cope and adapt to it..  Something health providers, hospitals and caregivers are struggling with more and more in their challenge in  health reform, affordable care act, accountable care act, ICD 10, Meaningful Use, MACRA, MIPS and more. These changes distract from patient care as well as add to the  output from healthcare 

As this occurs it is necessary to use that which we have artificial intelligence. An elementary form of this allows complex calculations for genomics, space travel, neurolinguistics which allows speech recognition and translation.

If you have some computer fluency, this is probably straight forward. It seems to be a bit like developing an app.

Most physicians are familiar with Watson, often called artificial intelligence.  You may have thought WATSON access was expensive and limited to enterprise health systems. Not so. The video explains the basics.

Jason Anderson is a Cognitive Architect and Partner at Comp Three Inc. in Silicon Valley. He helps clients improve their business and products by leveraging cutting edge Cognitive and Analytic technologies. Additionally he has been assisting IBM in building new Watson offerings.

Jason previously spent five years as a Cloud Architect for IBM

Register for WATSON

Once you have registered you will be able to explore free for 30 days.
Dashboard is a good place to begin
The Top Banner also can be used as the Main Menu
There is full documentation and pricing for using Watson based upon runtime resources used.

Ref: The Design and Implementation of Probabilistic Programming Languages
Slideshare by Noah D. Goodman and Andreas Stuhlm├╝ller

Additional Background Information and References:

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