Monday, August 29, 2016

Digital Health Space will soon be broadcasting (livestream) weekly. Our production staff is setting up a studio, checking the lights, sound and all the backstage operations. is hosting our event(s). It has several features which excel.  It is user friendly, the platform provides integrated chats, email, invitations, and the ability for community, in which you may join. I encourage you to join, so you will be immediately notified of events.

Video has become a dominant force, and attracts many people instead of the written word of blogging, emails, autoresponders and spammers.

I welcome questions and suggestions for future livestream events.

These events will be a combination of serious discussion, entertainment, and social engagement.

There will be several announcements forthcoming on Facebook, Google +, Twtiter, Sermo, and others.

I will be sending you the unique identifier for the Digital Health Space LiveStream.

Please share the news.


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