Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Science behind efficient communication with your patients

Emails, letters, instructions for patients and other business contacts have become an essential and important component of daily business life, not just in health care.  Even written legal informed consent carries with it many critical issues which are written in legalese, not understood by ordinary people, and seem designed to confuse patients. Many do not bother to read these 'contractual' documents, before signing during a critical moment in life, such as being admitted to a hospital or an iminent surgery.

Information technology in health care has not addressed content management of essential documents. Spell checkers and grammar checkers have been around for some time.

Now there are other analytic tools to screen your documents for meaning, and intent.

Written content may convey the wrong mood or meaning or even different meaning to individuals.  The same document may be received as friendly or threatening to some.

Digital Health Space Webinar on            will address some of these issues.

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