Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Real Future of Health Care Reform....

The future of health care reform is really that of innovation and health information technology.  These changes will impact your health care more than politics, elections, or congress.

It is dynamic, and scales exponentially.

The largest barriers to innovation remain to be organizational structures already in existence. 1. Government 2. Licensing boards 3. Specialty societies.  These organizations serve themselves rather than it's constituency/

Where is your hospital, medical center, clinic or provider ?

Healthkit, What is?

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Ultimately patient needs and providee direction will create a new health information paradigm.

We are still in the earliest phase of the catalytic changes.  Some or most of the preceding changes may become obolete and discarded as health care evolves in the next decade(s).


  1. Healthcare IT is the true future of healthcare delivery. The growth of telemedicine providers is a clear indication of that and, honestly, it is a far more efficient channel than we have today while maintaining the overall quality of healthcare.

  2. Yes, once the regulatory challenge is overcome,overrun or ignored,doctors and patients will rule with the new Tele house call