Saturday, October 1, 2016


Physicians are faced with another assistant in the room. He.she sits on a desk, on a  rolling cart or in the hands of a provider.  Much like a child it is constantly asking questions of its master(s). It has an insatiable demand for  'more data'. It feeds voraciously its organ systems of chips, storage drives, and processors.

The doctor is in the room is partnered with a work station of varying design.  One form factor is not optimal for varying locations such as the bedside, office, operating room, or mobile.Some form factors require water and dirt protection, and perhaps even milspec ruggedization.   Functionality overrides aesthetics.

The computer is in the room as well. Ideally it does not detract from the patient experience. Some uses do not include a patient presence, such as radiology, biomedical labs or pathology laboratories.

We have learned that position is critical. Like bureaucrats they must not come between provider or patient, physically or in social interaction.

Workspace Transformation

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  1. Excellent post. Telemedicine solutions will most certainly take over sooner rather than later in the healthcare work-space and will make things easier for patients and doctors.