Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Signal vs. Noise Digital Health Webinar Series – AMA Edition – The Digital Health Maven Project

AMA = Ask me anything

In a recent blog post I wrote about wearables. There is much controversy about the usefulness of these devices.  More time may be necessary for these mobile health aids to fit into the scheme of things.  In a very timely  manner, this webinar is being offered by Fard Johnmar, founder of the leading innovation consultancy Enspektos, a bestselling author, digital health futurist, researcher and strategist. He works with government, startups, leading organizations and others around the world to help shape and accelerate digital innovation in health.

These are being marketed directly to consumers without much coordination with providers.  They may be wearables, but where does the data go? Does the patient know what the data means ?

The wearable market has grown substantially. Most purchasers use them for only a short period.. They have social value and attract other like minded individuals, and may just offer 'snob appeal' for yuppies. Their use however is unsupervised by anyone, so the utility of the wearable is diminished by not having professional feedback. Nor is there supporting documentation online.

Several things must happen before the wearable market enjoys sustainability.

1. Wearables must be FDA  certified as a medical device to ensure accuracy, safety, and reliability.

2. They must connect via an SD card or other connectivity such as wifi or bluetooth to a data storage system or direclty to an EHR.

3. They should be formally prescribed by an physician for use and identified by an appropriate ICD diagnosis code. The engagement with a provider will motivate a patient, especially if prescribed, just lke a medication, or glucometer...

Our second Signal vs. Noise Digital Health Webinar is a special end of 2016 edition featuring your questions, prizes and more! Here's what's in store for the session:

This will be a structured AMA focusing on the following topics:
-Are wearables dead?
-Trump & Digital Health Innovation: Navigating Choppy Waters
-Digital Health Investment: Bull or Bear Market?
-Digital Health in 2017: What to Expect?
-Any Other Topic YOU Can Think Of

Signal vs. Noise Digital Health Webinar Series – AMA Edition – The Digital Health Maven Project

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