Sunday, February 26, 2017

Electronic Health Records, Are they Safe and Effective ?

The press release states "...As part of our ongoing effort to respond to and minimize such risks, eCW is making this announcement to ensure that all participants in the health care process – clinicians, pharmacies, and patients and their family members or caregivers – are aware of key patient safety risks and are focused on the roles they can play in minimizing those risks..."

This reads like an FDA approved descriptive package insert for a medical device or drug, yet unlike all other medical devices and pharmaceuticals, these EHR devices have had zero oversight for safety, efficacy, and usability.
Aside from the formidable costs of the device and the care governed by them, the risks to the patients are now freely admitted by at least this vendor, long after Congress secured $ billions to pay for their wide spread use.

It remains a travesty that all transactions of medical care are being governed by EHR  medical devices that have not had any oversight.

But EHR use is the only agenda that both sides of the aisle agree with. Excessive costs without any proven benefit; and with formidable risks.

The question remains, why have these devices been allowed to be sold without oversight?

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