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5 Digital Healthcare Trends Today

MAR. 24 2017

1. User Experience is Priority 

This is arguably the most pertinent trend in digital healthcare for 2017. User experience is at the heart of all digital health as consumers expect a seamless digital experience across all platforms. The competition to capture consumers' digital attention continues to grow making it vital for healthcare organizations to have an online presence that consists of more than a simple check box. Organizations must build their digital platforms centered around their consumer's needs to create personalized and beneficial experiences. 
The need for quality user experience stems from today's connected consumer who is faced thousands of pieces of digital information a day. Consumers have become experts at sniffing out relevant content and letting the rest fall to the wayside. Content needs to connect emotionally, apply to their needs, and allow for seamless digital interactions across multiple platforms. First impressions are vital for today's consumers. 

What is Driving this Trend?






 How to Ensure Optimal User Experience 

In order to keep up with this trend, healthcare organizations must regularly evaluate and audit their websites and digital platforms. The best way to do this is through an external auditing team with deep experience in websites and systems. Utilizing their recommendations can enhance the user experience and put organizations at an advantage. 







 2. Mobile-First, Not Mobile- Optimized 

A mobile first design is often a more valuable strategy when building digital platforms than focusing on mobile optimization. Mobile devices are at the forefront of consumer's communication, information, and entertainment needs and will continue to be into the future. Over the last few years, mobile tech has evolved rapidly, allowing us to interact with our favorite people, brands, and services in a convenient way that fits with our fast-paced culture.  
Building from the "ground up" allows for the emphasis to be placed on content. Hover menus, animations, and sliders allow organizations to display content in the most seamless and user-friendly way. 

Granular Influences Driving this Trend 



How to Implement Mobile-First 

In order to be mobile first, organizations must focus on the needs of the consumer and narrow into every stage of their "path-to-purchase" when it comes to healthcare services and how organizations can deliver on each granular need. If consumers are looking for information in regards to urgent care, mobile platforms should not compromise the content needed for a seamless "urgent care" experience.

3. Speed is Crucial 

Speed is certainly not a new trend, however, its strong influence on the path to purchase of today's consumer keeps it relevant. Consumers' attention spans are short at best so organizations have to deliver services and content that can be consumed within that short timeframe. Big brands across industries like hospitality and retail have adjusted to meet these consumer expectations, and healthcare services cannot be different. 

Where Does This Need Stem From?


Current Initiatives 

Facebook Instant Articles have allowed Facebook to deliver on their users' desires for instant gratification. Instant articles that open in app have engrained the trend of fast content on demand into the lives of today's consumer 
iPhone 'Force Touch' removes one more step in the content delivery process. iPhone users can now access news articles, emails, texts, and much more with just extra pressure on the screen. Apple has recognized the need for efficiency with their users and provided a solution in an innovative and useful way. 

4. Uniquely Valuable Health Content Takes Over 

A constant influx of click-bait articles and worthless content has plagued our browsing and online experiences.  Consumers' ability to filter content to tailor to their personal preferences and needs has left an opportunity to publish quality, unique content that aligns with the practical and emotional needs of today's consumers.

 What is Driving the Desire for Quality Content?


How to Produce Quality Content 

In order to curate unique content, you must write with empathy and connect on an emotional level for return visitors. Use the assets within your organization to boost the accuracy of content. Healthcare is full of high-level professionals with unique and valuable insights that should be utilized. Lastly, visual content is your friend. Dull content, no matter how valuable, will see less engagement than one with interesting graphics and visuals. 

5. Digital Industries Demand Adaptability 

At a broader level, change is happening in the digital world. This will always happen and will continue to happen for years to come. Adaptability is crucial for all players within digitally led industries - healthcare absolutely included. A forward thinking internal culture that embraces change within your organization is crucial. 
The U.S. healthcare industry is in the unique position to market directly to consumers. Digitally led marketing techniques have led healthcare marketers to talk directly to patients in a far more engaging way. More patients are spending time online research symptoms, practices, procedures, doctors, and facilities. As consumer behaviors develop, so must the healthcare industry. 

What is Driving This Trend?


How to Ensure Adaptabiliy 

With the digital age empowering today's patients and consumers, the healthcare industry must respond and continue to adapt. Healthcare organizations must always monitor traditional consumer-based industries, like retail, as we continue to move through the relatively new sphere of on-demand care. A continued shift towards this digital mindset will continue improving the patient experience. 

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