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The Top 18 Robotics Companies in Healthcare | Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD | Pulse | LinkedIn

Early on in 2017 Artificial intelligence and robotics have supplanted mobile health for health IT.

Bertalan Mesko M.D.PhD who is well known for his futuristic vision of health technology lists the top 18 robotic companies in health care.

According to Mesko Robotics has the power to completely reshape the landscape of healthcare both in its structure and its operation.  

As he outlined in his open letter to regulators, the long-term sustainability of healthcare systems could be solved by automation powered by digital health technologies, such as artificial intelligence, 3D-printing or robotics. The latter could take over monotonous work from healthcare workers, which would allow them to focus more on patients and to have lesser workload.

Drone Ambulance

1) Surgical robotics

One of the fastest-growing field of robotics in healthcare concerns surgeons and their profession at “the top of the medical food chain”. Surgical robots are the prodigies of surgery. According to market analysis, the industry is about to boom. By 2020, surgical robotics sales are expected to almost double to $6.4 billion


Founded in 2005, Massachusetts-based Medrobotics received FDA clearance for its Flex Robotic System in July 2015. It raised $147.4 million so far to develop a medical robot built on exclusive worldwide licenses for robotics technology from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. The stunning result, the Flex Robotic System allows physicians through its snakelike design and its 180º path to access anatomical locations that are traditionally harder to reach, such as the ear, nose or throat. Surgeons now have a magnified, HD view of anatomical structures for minimally invasive procedures.
There are now a wide variety of robotic platforms, for surgery, companionship, pharma, robotic concierge for assisted living, PARO (the personal assistive robot.

For absolute hygiene in hospitals

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