Monday, December 4, 2017

How Much Money is flowing into HIT?

Staggering amounts of money were funneled into the digital healthcare sector this year - 3.5 billion to be precise, and that’s just in the first two quarters alone. This reflects not only a huge surge in technologies coming onto the scene but also massive investor interest. Thinking ahead, it could also suggest a tipping point in which an oversaturated market leaves investors grasping to discover technologies that are wholly unique. 

Lisa Suennen, Managing Director at GE Ventures says she looks for “something completely different that I haven’t already seen 10 of before.” Take Electronic Medical Records for instance, the first EMR dates way back to the 1960’s, long before any of this was considered for widespread adoption (and way, way before the internet.) Today there are enough EMR’s to make your head spin. So many in fact that the scale for which the solutions are flowing in are actually counterproductive to the solution itself: interoperability. According to Lisa, one of the areas that the digital health community should spend more time investigating is “how hospitals are simply not ready, by and large, to adopt AI solutions because they are still figuring out their EMRs.” 

Artificial Intelligence and also Blockchain are just some of the freshest solutions to hit the healthcare scene, and will surely be ripe investment opportunities. Whether you love it or hate it, come discuss it. Health 2.0 is bringing back their annual WinterTech event to dissect, debate, and demo exactly these ideas: where to invest and if to invest, as venture capital supports growth along the road to IPO. Lisa will be hosting a session on January 10 during JP Morgan Week in San Francisco which will feature Mo Makhzoumi from New Enterprise Associates; Nina Kjellson from Canaan; Gavin Teo from B Capital Group; and Seth Bannon from Fifty Year Ventures. 

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