Monday, October 8, 2012


Providers are on the march to truly Protect Patients



  • An estimated 63,000 fewer doctors practicing medicine by 2015, right when tens of thousands of new patients will be entering the healthcare system;
  • The overreach of government through thousands of pages of new regulations, into our offices, operating rooms and consultations stunting our ability to provide the best possible care for our patients; and
  • The independent Payment Advisory Board making decisions for our patients with little to no input from doctors.

Yet, the Administration continues to spin and the main stream media continues to ignore the looming health care catastrophe while giving the Obama Administration a pass on the most fundamental issue, common to every American -- their health and well being.
As physicians, we will not sit idly by and watch the next 32 days unfold without having the true voice of America’s health care professionals being heard. We are already on the front lines and will continue to spread this message far and wide until every American knows the truth about ObamaCare, and WE NEED YOU TO JOIN OUR EFFORTS.

Support your physicians, now !


docs for patient care

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