Monday, October 8, 2012

Several Announcements


1. This week Health Train Express will be re-branded as Digital Health Space. It’s time for a change. Frankly I am burned out on trains, and relating health care issues to cars on a train. It is a bit dated, since most people have never been on a train, and most trains haul freight.  Today’s world operates much faster.  It also coincides with a deeper dyve into social media as a consultant and enabler for medical practices and hospital to also dyve into social media and m a  Digital Health Space now has a Facebook page and a Google Plus Page.

2. Once a week  “60 Minutes of Health” will be on Google Hangouts, time and day of the week TBA. Each week we will feature a different aspect of health care, information technology, and integrating social media into medical practice. We will have guests and discuss how social media is impacting business as well as medicine, politics and more.

3. Redirect to the blog ‘Digital Health Space'”


Happy Columbus Day !


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