Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Social Media Platform Google +


Clicking on Image above will take you to the I/O features.

Most physicians have adopted social media in blogging, twitter, facebook, texting, MySpace and other platforms.

This past week the Google I/O was held in San Francisco. The meeting is not so much for the general  public but for independent developers.

Google/Android/Chrome are “open source’ and have a number of APIs (Application Program Interface.  This allow anyone to write software that integrates with Android and/or Chrome

Many physicians already use Google Docs, Search, and email. 

Those who use Facebook and/ or twitter may find Google + a bit intimidating and do not use it.  However, after mastering it I have several comments.

Positive features

It is a dynamic social media platform

Innovative functions

Integrated with Google email, offering almost all of Google’s functions,and offers video conferences as well as public “hangouts on air”

Communities of common interest, Hangouts offer a sense of intimacy and ability to develop real friendship.

Google’s I/O reveals the newest features for developers


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