Monday, May 20, 2013

Trust in the Health Information Exchange Agreements


It’s been almost 8 years since I began helping to forge the Inland Empire Health Information Exchange with a small group of HIT visionaries. As you may know forging requires intense hear to  harden the iron. Certainly HIX has  felt this heat.

There has been progress.

This is really a Digital Health Space .

Since that time there have been many changes:

1. The political environment, and the technical environment.

2. Patient expectations, information cannot be siloed. Patients want to carry information with them (Portability)

3. Maturation of Interoperability

4. Development of ‘Trust” for sharing information…at the local level.

5. The idea that HIX is patient centric for their information

The recent meeting of the CAOHI Summit

Talk Back

Talk Back Session #3

Talk Back Session # 1

Talk Back Session #4

You can bookmark these three presentations, they are all interesting.


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