Friday, July 19, 2013

Patient Generated Health Data Project


At the inception of Digital Health Space I described it’s mission:

“DIGITAL HEALTH SPACE The distance between providers represents the space that Digital Health Space is attempting to close using virtual applications, websites, social media, email, web portals and telehealth.” Attend HealthSpace 2013 October 2013.The conference will include Social Media Learning events, and Start up Presentations. Equity and Venture Capital firms will be in attendance.Subscribe to - See more at:

The vision is becoming a reality as patient-centered medicine moves into the digital health space.

Patient generated data will be an essential component of the medical record. The National eHealh Collaborative’s report is timely as meaningful use state III approaches. MU 3 adds patient engagement,

The Patient Generated Health Data Project includes evidence and reports by The Patient Generated Health Data Technical Expert Panel - See more.

These results were extracted by the  Panel Convened by NeHC on Behalf of ONC offers Results of Environmental Scan on Existing Practices - See more

The report is available as a ‘white paper’ (pdf)

On the consumer side of engagement is the CeRT (Consumer eHealth  Readiness Tool) 

The Ultimate  Business Intelligence Tool


The Patient Engagement Framework

Patient engagement is the blockbuster drug of the century. – according to Farzad Mostashari, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.


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